Style of Editing

This is the most distinguishing aspect of any wedding film, and more than anything is what differentiates our work.

Classic Packages - Classic / Journalistic Editing

Good use of the camera is vital, but it’s the editing that really breathes life into a wedding film. Classic editing brings a traditional feel to the video, taking you through the day as events unfolded.

You can choose your own music, and we will include this as part of the video. We’re careful to balance a good mix between music and the original sounds from your day, so that the music enhances, rather than leads the video.

Our Classic packages are an ideal choice if your on a tighter budget or if you just want a well rounded and polished wedding video, but without any additional fuss.

Final Cut & Directors Cut Packages

Advanced editing

Film FX are important, but the untold hero of any film is the editing. Without this, special effects are just a novelty, or worse still - a disaster! Classic editing brings order and harmony to a film, making for an enjoyable viewing experience. Advanced editing will bring your wedding film to a whole new level. Extra time is invested in a piece of film that’s both highly creative and entertaining to watch. Music is integral, and the wedding film is finely tuned to it. We will ask you for a varied selection of music because it’s important to vary the pace of the film to reflect the mood of each part of the day. Ultimately it’s a film that not only the Bride and Groom will love to watch, but also family, friends and the next door neighbour!

Split Screen Video

You’ve probably seen this used to good effect on TV and in the movies. Split screening is a great way of showing two events at one time, or the same event from two different angles. If appropriate and used tastefully, this adds another dimension to your wedding film.

Time Remapping

This is a way of dynamically altering the rate of speed at which the video is played. When tuned to the right music, it’s a great way to convey the energy of a wedding.

High Grade Filters and FX

‘Video effects’ have a bad name. You’ve probably seen star-wipes, and computer generated hearts. Yuck!

High grade filters and FX are nothing like this. These are used in a subtle way, and are not cheesy. These include among others: light leaks, lens flaring, ciné simulation, time posterizing, time lapsing, film flashes, film grain. We don’t believe in relentlessly heaping on the effects, but utilising what enhances the story of events.

Colour Grading

In its unprocessed form, video can look a little sterile. When video goes through colour enhancement we analyse and fine-tune each individual video clip, adjusting contrast and colour saturation. The results are images with much more vibrancy and impact. This is similar to the process used in cinema.

Black and White / Sepia Photography

It’s funny, we invest thousands of pounds on cameras that faithfully reproduce resolution and colour - so what do we do? Take out the colour of course! However, black and white or sepia often has a nostalgic or historic feel to it, and its contrasts enhances the subject matter. It’s classic, and used in the right way works beautifully.

Slow Motion

Slow motion is ubiquitous in modern filmmaking. Used for artistic effect, to create a romantic aura or to stress a moment in time.