Frequently Asked Questions

If there is anything we have not covered, or you would like further clarification please contact us.

Can I have my own choice of music?

We insist on it! This is your film; we want it to be as personal as possible. We would normally ask you to provide a CD of at least 10 tracks. We will then use the music at certain points in the film. This can be discussed in more detail on booking. Music must be received on CD before the date of the wedding to avoid major delays to the editing of your wedding video.

Video Length

Making an interesting and watchable wedding film requires that the contents are presented at a good pace. We do not make 2-3 hour long epic wedding films. We think your wedding film should be entertaining and we believe that a 50 to 70 minute programme is just enough. Sometimes it will be longer depending on the size of your wedding.

With our Final Cut & Directors Cut packages, the main wedding film is usually around 30 minutes in duration. This main feature includes only lifted sections from the ceremony and speeches, but we always include the full extended version in the ‘special features’ section on the DVD, so they’re not missing. This helps create a wedding film with good pace.

Our Classic packages include these parts in their full length as part of the main wedding film.

What Deposit do you ask for?

We ask for a deposit fee of £295. This secures the date in our diary.

When is the final payment due?

The balance is due no later than 14 days before the date of the wedding. This ensures that all formalities are settled before the big day and there are no delays to the delivery of your finished video record.

Can I pay by card?

Yes you can, but please be aware that there is a card handing fee of around £50 (depending on the sum paid). This is only what we are charged for taking card payments - we do not profit from this. We recommend that you pay by cheque or direct bank transfer to save a few pounds.

How soon after the wedding will I receive the video?

Off-peak we often deliver the video within 24 weeks of your wedding day. During peak season we can be put back to 24-28 weeks. We do require your patience to wait for the final product. We appreciate that you’ll want to see your wedding film as soon as possible but we don’t rush production just to finish a film quickly - quality is our main concern, and you can’t rush the creative process.

We can only start editing if we have everything – your choice of music on CD, as well as any other things such as names and credits.

While creative filming is essential to any wedding video; it is the editing process that really transforms your video into something special and unique. We will spend around 80-120 hours on each edit, paying careful attention to every detail. You need to question any company who offers a very fast turn around of your video.

Sorry, did you say an ETA of 28 weeks?!?

We did! This is particularly during peak season. If you require a fast turn around then we’re probably not the wedding video company for you. But this just reflects the effort we put into each and every wedding film.

Do you charge mileage?

We are based in Wrexham, North Wales.

Our packages do make travel provisions but there may be a surcharge if your wedding is more than 40 miles away. This can vary between £95-295 depending where your wedding is held. Travel costs are outlined clearly in the price guide.

I may need you to come earlier or stay later than your package allows

No two weddings are the same, but our packages are designed to cover all of the formalities of most weddings. However, if you still need additional hours, or special filming arrangements we are happy to arrange this and notify you of the cost when you supply further details to us.

Tell me more about how my film will be made

We use Sony PMW-EX1r cameras to film our weddings. It’s an unobtrusive camera which boasts Full HD 1080p image quality with high fidelity uncompressed sound. These cameras are used by the BBC and the Discovery channel to name just two as they produce extremely high quality images. Once all the footage is captured on the SxS cards (the recording medium of these cameras), we bring them back to the edit suite and start to build your DVD and/or Blu-Ray.

We edit on Macs running Final Cut Studio. It is a powerful and professional system that is the trusted choice of thousands of professional film makers around the world. With your choice of music we craft a personal, contemporary and utterly unique wedding film. Finally, your DVD/Blu-Ray is not produced on a production line, it is also custom made from beginning to end. The design of the DVD menu itself is inspired by the elements that made your day memorable. Whatever the flavour of your wedding you can expect your DVD to reflect this. We respect the fact that everyone is different and every wedding is unique. No two films are ever the same!