Why Choose a Video?

There are numerous reasons why people do not prioritise a video on their wedding day - some say they don't like to see themselves on video, others feel that video always seems too cheesy. Some are put off by the thought of having a camera pointing their direction. Well, the days of poorly edited wedding videos are gone! These days a trained videographer and video editor are careful when it come to special effects and flashy transitions. We always produce a wedding video that looks contemporary and of its time.

Nervous in front of the camera? Well please don’t be. You may feel conscious of us for the first 30 minutes but honestly, you’ll probably forget we’re even there after that.

Whilst we would never encourage you to choose a wedding videographer over a photographer, neither would we do the opposite! The two mediums are completely different, but in many ways compliment each other. A professional photographer is an absolute necessity at any wedding, but video is no less important. Your wedding is the most important day of your life. Once the day passes, you'll appreciate being able to take away your photographs and video as a keepsake of the occasion. Video provides the ability to re-experience the life of the day.

Many of our clients appreciate seeing the parts of the day they missed. The guests arriving, behind the scenes preparations, the bride getting ready, and the groom waiting nervously for his bride to arrive. You'll revisit events you didn't know happened.

It's a shame that a wedding video often gets overlooked as an unnecessary luxury. Once you receive your video, you'll be thankful you chose it.

A professional videographer can record sound and voices as well, which include the vows, one of the most special and meaningful moments of the ceremony. A video allows you to relive and hold on to the memories of your wedding day forever!

Sometimes, when the wedding budget starts getting high, some choose to settle for one or the other. If having a photo album is your priority, choose to have a basic video package to at least capture the day. A video of your wedding day will allow you and your family to relive this moment in time for generations to come.

Whether or not to have a professional video of the day is a personal choice, but many regret not having one. Wouldn't it be great if you were able to watch on video your parents or grandparents getting married?